Fight for Our Heroes is a national 501(c)(4) “social welfare” organization that seeks to educate and mobilize the public in support of our nation’s police, first responders, and emergency personnel. We are a pro-law enforcement organization dedicated to the safety and security of our communities by standing with those on the front lines.

Detroit is once again the most dangerous city in America. 327 murders were committed in 2020, a 20% increase over the previous year. And the city is already on par to reach 400 murders in 2021. 

Men and women are leaving law enforcement by the day and there is a  huge need to recruit and train good officers across the state of Michigan. 

We at Fight for Our Heroes know how much Michigan law enforcement needs our help and are proud to play a role in the pro-law enforcement movement in the state. We are running pro-law enforcement educational campaigns in the state and will stand the men and women in blue. Our network has grown to over 1.5 million in Michigan and we will continue to spread our message and increase our reach. 

The people of Michigan deserve safe communities and we need to stand with those that protect us.