Fight for Our Heroes is a national 501(c)(4) “social welfare” organization that seeks to educate and mobilize the public in support of our nation’s police, first responders, and emergency personnel. We are a pro-law enforcement organization dedicated to the safety and security of our communities by standing with those on the front lines.

Minneapolis has been ground zero for anti-police efforts in the past year and we at Fight for Our Heroes are launching a pro-law enforcement public messaging campaign to remind the people of Minneapolis why strong law enforcement is vital to the community. 

Violent crime has skyrocketed in cities like Minneapolis and more than 200 officers, nearly one-third of the force, left Minneapolis Police in the year since George Floyd’s murder.

  • The Minneapolis Police Department has 632 sworn full-time employees, compared to 845 in 2020, a 25% decrease,
  • Data from the week of June 10 shows 259 gunshot victims so far this year compared to 116 gunshot victims at the same point in 2020,
  • In 2020, 553 people were struck by gunfire in Minneapolis, the most in 15 years. 84 homicides occurred in 2020,
  • So far in 2021, there have been 642 catalytic converter thefts, an increase of 27% over last year’s record-setting number,
  • Citywide violent crimes to date in 2021 are 2,266, a one year increase of 14.91%. The two year increase is 28.2%.

We will run an aggressive public messaging campaign talking to the people of Minneapolis about the positives of law enforcement. The campaign will include:

  • Digital ads including short video ads on sites like YouTube and Hulu, utilizing emotional imagery to capture an emotional issue. 
  • We will also employ social media ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to speak to people where they get their information. 
  • We will also have direct mail and text campaigns.

Our mission is purely educational. We will not be directly or indirectly supporting or opposing candidates or ballot measures in the upcoming election, and therefore will not be registered as a political committee. Fight For Our Heroes will simply be running persuasive, compelling pro-law enforcement issue advocacy messaging in a place – and in support of a police department – that sorely needs it. 

Please let us know if you have any questions and if you are interested in joining us to stand up for law enforcement. We would be honored to have your support in this effort to educate the people of Minneapolis and improve public perception of law enforcement in the community. 

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